Community Health Evangelism

Our goal is to form healthy Christian lives, congregations and communities by serving the poor in Hungary.

What is CHE Hungary?

CHE Hungary covers a strategy aimed at shaping healthy Christian lives, congregations, and communities by serving the poor in Hungary. We believe that the Bible provides answers to the problems we face in our world. Finding the answers is not easy, as we need to know the content and context of this old, unique book based on divine revelation.

CHE (Community Health Evangelism)

CHE Hungary is a partner of the Global CHE Network. By CHE (Community Health Evangelism) we mean a strategy used by individuals and various organizations to provide hope and breakthrough opportunities for impoverished communities in villages and towns around the world.

In the CHE program, we offer our help in finding and applying methods and long term answers that can solve individual and community problems in certain areas in Hungary.

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Why CHE Hungary?

Many government, religious or non-governmental organizations aim to change the lives of the Roma and the poor in Hungary who find themselves countless times with the everyday problems of no work, no money, no fuel for heating and no clothes for their children. These are just superficial symptoms. The real problems are deeper down. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Attempts to change self-defeating lifestyle have not yielded many results to date! Giving aid and donations has proven to be a bottomless pit swallowing lots of people’s money and sacrificial work, but not promoting long-term transformation out of poverty. There is a need for a change of perspective and methods that does not burden those who want to help, nor burn out finances, strength and patience. We don’t have to carry others on our backs to get results.