Community Health Evangelism

Our goal is to form healthy Christian lives, congregations and communities by serving the poor in Hungary.

Hessel Keuter

I’m Hessel Keuter, originally from the Netherlands. We moved to Hungary in 2012 with my family, my dear wife and four children. Our eldest child moved back to the Netherlands some time ago. I worked there as a Reformed pastor, but after years of church service, both my wife and I felt a call from God to go into missions. This is how we got into missions among the Roma in Hungary.

I came into contact soon with MEK/CHE Hungary; I was very impressed with the MEK strategy and after a while I joined the team. In the first years I worked mainly in Eastern Hungary, but this year I also serve in the Hatvan area. Together with my dear colleagues, we are working in communities surrounding Hatvan and our goal is to create wholly healthy communities.

It’s good to work together on an international team! And our common goal is for the people living in material and spiritual poverty here in Hungary to be restored by Jesus Christ and thus the communities to be healed!