Community Health Evangelism

Our goal is to form healthy Christian lives, congregations and communities by serving the poor in Hungary.

Ron and Jeannie Seck

We founded CHE Hungary in 2013 as an NGO with a God-given mission to give impoverished and marginalized Hungarian-speaking peoples an opportunity to live a better, healthier, more prosperous life through Jesus Christ, our Creator. This opportunity would not come in the form of giving needy people aid such as money, food, clothes and improved shelter. History showed us that this produced dependency rather than better life. The opportunity we would give them would be in the form of empowerment and the tools, skills, training and know-how to bring about the better life themselves.

We also saw that what is missing in many government and secular programs to help the needy is the spiritual dimension that is at the core of every life. To break the cycle of generational poverty required ongoing transformation of the whole person, body, soul and spirit.

This is not merely theory. It has been modeled for 3 decades in over 135 nations by 900 churches, denominations and mission organizations that utilize a Biblically based strategy called Community Health Evangelism. Our NGO, called CHE Hungary (or MEK Magyarország in Hungarian), adopted CHE as our strategy for realizing God’s vision at our beginning.

It is also our mission to change the paradigm of Christian ministries working long-term with the poor in Hungary from secular aid-based methods to the more Biblical development-driven approach. This can be accomplished through providing CHE Vision Seminars and modular CHE training conferences to all who wish to explore this methodology.

As you view the various pages of our webpage you will see how CHE Hungary has begun to “write the book” on wholistic, Bible-based personal and community transformation among the poorest of the poor of this nation. We hope you will read and join us in bringing this movement to scale.

Ron and Jeannie Seck

Founder of CHE Hungary